AltaVair Private Airplane Brokerage

One of my proudest accomplishments in my entire professional career, was naming the private airline and airplane brokerage service AltaVair. Serving an elite clientele globally and partnering with over 100 international financial institutions, Guggenheim Aviation Partners wised to open American branches.

The brand direction was meant to rebrand Guggenheim aviation partners into a private airline company presentable for the American audience.

This project represents my proudest work while providing UX design services for the award winning advertising and branding agency V2Works.

The result is the name Altavair, which acknowledges the brand’s legacy while also allowing the company to tell a much larger story about their distinct advantages — the significant role their people play in the organization, along with the unique and innovative ways their people make connections with and for their customers.

Due to Altavair’s established history, they not only required a strong new brand, but a compelling website that would uphold their credibility in the market.

The new site was designed and developed to reflect Altavair’s key brand values, and also express their uniquely innovative interactions paired with phenomenal integrity. The polished site conveys Altavair’s long history and commitment to commercial aviation leasing, while also offering an extensive look into their immense track record of world-wide clientele.

The site features a streamlined, user-friendly layout, mobile-friendly information architecture, parallax elements, and an advanced mapping tool. It was designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly digital customer base, and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices without loss of functionality. From each page, customers can easily download a company fact sheet or request more information from each of the global locations. The site was equipped with a Content Management System that allows for easy updates, edits, and management of content by the Altavair staff.

Storm Brewer is a Consultant and Designer specializing in Human Computer Interaction and Rapid Prototyping.