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Storm helps businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with their communities.

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"Luxury is not just to spoil a select few, it's is a fundamental part of the human experience.
 Luxury is truly valuable to humanity and the world."

 Quote from "The Value of Luxury" by Storm Brewer

What is a Brand?

The brand is thought to have originated in ≈ 2700 BCE in Egypt.
Ranchers would brand a unique mark into their livestock to show ownership and avoid theft.
Branding then moved into cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes and eventually into all manufactured goods.

The brand at it's most basic is an icon.
But it's the story behind that icon which is so important.

A solid brand makes all the difference.


Projects go through several milestones.
Each milestone must receive client approval before moving forward.



During initial consultation we’ll find out if we're a good match. If things feel right we'll move on to an interactive workshop to get clarity on your audience, how you solve their problems, and what makes the story of your brand unique.



Everything gathered from our workshop will be used to create a brand roadmap. This is the point where we will define the brand's positioning, value proposition, look, feel, tone & voice. This will be the compass for your brand moving forward.



See your brand come alive. The deliverables we determined during strategy will be produced for your audience to love. Armed with your new brand strategy you’ll be ready to take things by storm.

Acumatica Site Design

Acumatica is the worlds fastest growing ERP company.

As part of my role as UX designer for Acumatica I created a redesign of the homepage.

Lights Down Low - Album Artwork

Alan Z is an R&B and Hip Hop Artist working in Atlanta Georgia.

Storm created this album cover for the incredibly talented @alanzmusic. If you like R&B check out the track Lights Down Low.

Alan Z Brand Exploration

Alan Z is an R&B and Hip Hop Artist working in Atlanta Georgia.

These concept artworks are part of Storm's process work for crafting the new web experience.

Altavair Branding

Storm named the company "AltaVair" in 2017; an aircraft management company with over $6,000,000,000 in financing

Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP), an aircraft investment and management business belonging to Guggenheim Partners, LLC, recently purchased the commercial aviation division to operate as a separate entity. Due to GAP’s long-standing and successful history, they required a strong new brand to present to the market.

Mazlo Mobile App

Mazlo: a Seattle-based startup helps people reach their potential for personal growth with private coaching and 10 minutes of daily practice. The goal of the website was to create a highly personalized experience to invite people into the personal coaching and self improvement space.

The goal of this project was to create a tailored experience that held high Mazlo's brand pillars: credibility, improvement, and nurturing.

"Storm was a consummate professional from the moment I met him.
His skills... were crucial in maintaining our company's outward image." - Thomas Marquez, ByteBloom

"Thanks a million Storm" - Sergey Ivavanov, Acumatica

"[Storm] You're the best!" - Tina Morelli, Morelli Enterprises

"The designs look great! Thank you Storm!" - Angela Bloomer, Cloud Contractor 360

"Brilliant!" - Derek Holt, Climax Blues Band

"Thank you for your proactive approach, it is greatly appreciated!" - Connie Thurman, Acumatica

It was great working with you Storm. Thank you so much for all your help! - Tim Maciejewski, SpecOpsGlobal

Storm Brewer

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Storm is a brand consultant and UX designer, crafting lucrative identities and user experiences.

Born in a Storm. Raised by artists, architects, and craftsmen.
Learned the importance of craft and art at a young age.
High school National Art Honor Society member.
Educated at the Art Institute of Seattle for Computer Science,
and Bellevue College for Application Development.

Extensive agency experience.
Named Altavair, the private airline company.
Currently working in the ERP sector.